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Hunterdon Hoops Tournament RULES

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tournament notes:
Prizes to Pool Winners
100+ Teams Annually
Multi-team Discount
Stopped Clock
High School Rules
Well Organized
Great Facilities
NJSIAA Patched Officials
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Tournament Rules
  • Pool Champions - Scoring Rules
    • Win-Loss Record (including crossover games)
    • Head-to-Head Match-Up (per bracket)
    • Point Differential – no more than 13 points will be added OR subtracted to OR from a team’s point spread (including crossover games)
  • Game Rules
    • 16 Minute Halves
    • Stopped Clock
    • 3 Minute Halftime
    • Timeouts – 2 Full, 2 Twenty-Second per game
    • 3 Minute Overtime (1)
    • Foul Shots On the Release
    • 1-and-1 on 10 Fouls
    • 6 Fouls per Player per Game
    • NJ High School Rules (For any rule not listed above)
  • Additional Policies
    • Mercy Rule - There will be a running clock for the last eight minutes if a lead is equal or greater than 20 points. If the lead shrinks to under 20 points, the stopped-clock format will be reinstated.
    • Scorekeeper - Each team must provide their own scorekeeper. The team to the right on the schedule is the home team and must maintain the official score book. If the home team chooses not have a scorekeeper then they are agreeing that the other team's scorekeeper is the official book.
    • Basketballs - Each team must bring their own basketballs. An official will choose a basketball from one of the teams
    • Technical Fouls - Any coach that receives two technical fouls in one game will be banned from coaching at any facility for the remainder of the tournament.
    • Ejections - Any coach ejected from a game by a referee will be banned from coaching at any facility for the remainder of the tournament.
    • No Show - Any team that does not show up for any of its scheduled games will be automatically be charged $100 per game missed. Any team that leaves prior to the conclusion of its game will be automatically charged $100 per game missed. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    • Admission Fees - Please inform parents there is an admission fee to enter all gym facilities. ONLY Coaches (maximum of 3 per team) and Players are permitted to enter at no cost (not book keepers).